WordPress isn’t Tumblr

I recently added two Tumblr pages to my online profile menagerie. I didn’t really understand or get Tumblr to start with but as I played with it I understand it better.  Just recently the web interface for WordPress changed it’s “style” and looks/feels more like Tumblr.  I don’t like it.  I liked WordPress for it’s clean, professional, look, with simple, small, unobtrusive website.  However now it looks gimmicky and unprofessional. I no longer have access to the “Freshly Pressed” tab, which was always a great read. The “New Post” tab is totally a ripoff from Tumblr, not that I ever used that tab to start with but now it’s just way more annoying that before. That large blue header bar at the top is irritating and harsh to look at.  I found comfort and ease at looking at the old version. It was easy on the eyes, not as harsh or as gimmicky.

When Blogger changed their website user interface to it’s current style I had the same problem.  That was when I moved to WordPress.  WordPress was neat and clean, keeping things tight and easy to find once I learned it.  Yes the transition was hard at first. However I didn’t like looking at Blogger’s user interface and came searching for the neat & clean of WordPress so I was determined to make it work.  Now that things have changed, not for the best in my opinion,  I may just start looking again if things continue.  WordPress is not Tumblr and if I had wanted Tumblr, I’d have gone and made a Tumblr to start with.  Most of my Tumblr posts are fed by my WordPress blogs specifically because I do not like to use the Tumblr site for composing a blog.  I have spent a great many hours tweaking and styling my WordPress blogs so they are just how I want them.  Most of them unique to the topic/subject of them.  I really do not want to move them because WordPress is trying to “be cool” and follow the “cool kids” in to the next step.  We didn’t come to WP to be cool we came & stayed because of the professional style & look of WP.

I have several Facebook pages, 4 WP blogs, 2 Tumblr pages/blogs, an old Blogger blog, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +. My most used social media is my WP blogs and my Facebook, which gets feeds from WordPress.  So I’m going to pull out a typical Mainer saying… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Meaning keep your hands off/out of something that is working.  Progress for the sake of progress isn’t always good.

3 thoughts on “WordPress isn’t Tumblr

  1. I agree – not so much with critique of WP (I’m cool with it) but with the abundance of pages I have to touch every day.

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