Journaling in ME FIRST

Apparently we’re going to be doing some food journaling in the near future.  I’m really bad at that. I rather take a photo of it & see what I’m consuming.  I’ve done that in the past and realized I ate way too much. However with logging my food by hand I have a harder time & never get things correct. I also have tried Spark People/Pages & Fitness Pal both with no luck with this.  I had bought a Moleskine fitness journal, but haven’t had much luck with it and I’m not really digging it.  I can log Excerise, diet, general health, games which I changed to work outs, & there’s an inspirations tab.  Then there are 6 blank sections (by tabs) to add your own stuff to. One I’ve made “health food”. I don’t like that the diet section is broken in to one page daily, the pages wouldn’t last long, a month maybe. I already wrote in it so I can’t return it or sell it or really give it away.  I’ll mull it over a while longer & maybe give it another go.

I have Facilitation this week and I think nutrition, nurse & fitness coach. Maybe tomorrow is a good time to start fresh.

I guess I really need to look at what I want to accomplish from ME FIRST and write down my goals for each area so I know where I need to start.

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