In the photo above you’ll see the slick spot where I fell this morning at the gas pumps of my local Cumberland Farms.  I landed flat on my back in an instant.  Barely had time to brace my self from it.  It hurt like a mother f’ker.  I laid there for a minute on my back trying to realize what had happened & if I had broke anything.  Legs worked, arms worked, neck works.  I sat up and some lady asked if I was ok & needed help.  I didn’t need help, I did take my time to get up though making sure that nothing popped or rubbed wrong as I moved to right myself.  I’m almost 40 and know that one wrong fall and I could bust something up, not good.  I pulled my self together & walked in to the store and basically said; “I just landed flat on my ass out there due to the ice.” and then stormed to the back of the store.  I washed my hand in the little sink & checked out how bad the road rash was on the heal of my palm. Not bad, a little less skin but no major blood. Hurts like a mo’fo though. Checked my elbows and made sure they weren’t dug up, & my coat to see if there were holes in it.  Nope.  My ass was wet & my neck & head hurt, along with my left arm & right leg, knee, & ankle.  I filed a report with the store and proceeded to work after I pumped my gas.  And I did manage to get my coffee also. The store employee said they’re not responsible for sanding/salting the parking lot or pump area, that’s a 3rd party. Who ever is suppose to sand/salt the ice slicks needs to get on top of their shit! I understand that it’s not snowy or rainy but it was warm enough yesterday to cause the snow/ice on the top of the awning to melt & drip off on to the ground & then freeze last night.  Even those little spots need to be taken care of.  If I had fallen on a private citizens walk way because it was icy I could sue their ass. Which is why i sand my walkway to my apartment & the steps.

As the day goes on I become more & more sore. A wonderful lovely day – NOT! I’m uncomfortable sitting & standing.  I just visited my Chiropractor on Friday and I’m afraid I’ll need to go back sooner than expected. I’m not sure if I should call my Dr. or the Chiro and discuss the fall with them or not.

This is on top of having a horrid dream with my ex-boyfriend SM in it harassing & attacking me.  And then oversleeping & getting up late to the smell of weed & smoke wafting through the forced hot air ducts.  Gave me a lovely headache.  On Wednesday I couldn’t wait for the day to be done. I hate wishing away my days but it’s true.  And today, I really cannot wait for it to be done as well.

One thought on “Slip

  1. Made an appointment with the Dr. today because I’m still sore and my elbow is giving me a little trouble. Next I’ll follow up with the Chiro depending on what my Dr. says. Still haven’t heard from the store’s corporate office about the fall at Cumbies.

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