I said it outloud…

On Friday I went to the Chiropractor and saw Karen. She knows I’m creative & like photography and other artsy endeavors and asked if I had been creative lately. I said no.  I basically told her I tried to be uber creative the whole month of November and failed at it by trying to write a novel.  She asked what it was about and I told her.  She thought it was a hoot.  My title has a play on words (which I’m not giving out) and thought it would be interesting to read.   So I guess I need to get busy finishing my novel.  I’m also planning to throw together some poetry in to a book and see if I can get it published.  Maybe combine it with some photography & make it a coffee table book. (gasp at the thought of it… I know)

4 thoughts on “I said it outloud…

      1. I know the feeling…I keep having people who bought and read my last book when my next one is going to be finished. Unfortunately, I can’t give them a definite answer. Life is keeping me hostage and I can’t seem to free myself from it long enough to focus on my book. Aarghhh…. 😦

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