The blogging future… a little help please.

Dear reader,
Why do you come to read my blog? What have I said that has interested you?  Is there anything you’d like to see me write about?  I’m in quite a deep quandary about my blogging future as well as this blog & my other 3.

I was over at The Thinking Closet reading some posts and basically Lauren got me thinking. What do I want my blog to be? What content do I want to put out? How do I want it to look? Who do I want to visit? What other social media do I want to link to & share with people? These are hard questions to answer.  As my blogging has been mostly about myself and my reaction to things. I have a specific number of categories and I stick to those mostly. Some categories I felt needed their own blog, such as Art & Fitness as I’ve been doing a lot around these two topics. Now I’m wondering if I really do need separate blogs for them. I hate to double post things. I do however want contributors for each of these areas, but not necessarily for many more. Decisions!


  • Blog/Journal (22)
  • College (4)
  • Creativity (5)
  • Family/Pets (7)
  • Finances
  • Food/Restaurant (2)
  • Friends (2)
  • Health/Fitness (9)
  • Holiday (1)
  • News/etc (2)
  • Photography (10)
  • Ramblings (23)
  • Trips/Vacations (1)
  • TV/Movies (5)
  • Weather (8)
  • Work (2)
  • Writing (7)

Am I covering too much? Not enough? Should I be focusing on a few things & not giving you so much personal details? I really would like some advice from my friendly followers as well as strangers who happen upon my blog. (Including facebook/twitter/tubmlr feed readers) Some friends tell me blogging is so 90s. Yeah well I’m okay with that.  I feel like I want to share with people, sometimes it’s silly and dumb, but other times it’s bordering on smart and insightful.  None the less I write.

I’m not much in to the DYI postings and usually stay away from them even when I read other blogs. I’m pushing 40 (by months) and find that most bloggers are younger than I am (20s early 30s). They’re new moms with time at home. I’m a “middle aged” mom with late teen, an ex who doesn’t like to be written about, (or the kids), a full time employee of state government that I can’t really talk about, and an artist who creatively blocked. I’m still searching for my niche.  I know you can’t help me with that, but I still want your input.

I’ve been trying to think of successful bloggers that I like. Most of them have a lot of DIY stuff or have one specific topic they usually stick to. Quite a few of them aren’t just one person any more, there’s a team behind their blog/site now. I aspire to have my blog/site be like that.  I’m wracking my brain on how.

So my friend, I’d be quite happy to hear from you either in the comments or privately.  Happy Blogging ~
T~  Mainer Chick

12 thoughts on “The blogging future… a little help please.

  1. I’d love to help, but I think I’m in the same boat. When I first started I wrote about everything. I did not focus on one sole topic but rather wrote about what was troubling me at the time. It started out as an online diary.

    Now I decided to focus on my writing and I’ve found that I still need to vent about stuff. So now I have two other blogs, one to comment on current events, and another just to blow off steam. I’m still trying to find what works for me.

    I know I didn’t help but I really have no answer for you other than to do what your instincts tell you. If a subject is big enough to deserve a separate blog give it its own space.

  2. I thought I should have some kind of theme as well…but the more I tried to focus in on one particular subject, the more unfocused I became. I’ve finally concluded that when I write, it needs to be what I’m feeling or thinking at the time. Others are able to stay on topic and I admire them for that, but that’s not me and I do believe our blogs should reflect our personality and writing style. Not sure if this is helpful… 😀

  3. Personally I like blogs that just got for it and write about whatever strikes them. I guess I’m not big on structured blogs so to speak. I dont want to feel like I’m reading something thats contrived and not really “real”. Does that make sense?

  4. Wow, Tracie. My heart fluttered when I was reading your post and happed upon my name! Eek! I’m so glad to hear that I got you thinking…(guess I’m living up to my blog title)…and I think all of the questions you ask are good ones, even if you never come up with the perfect answers. I believe that the questions are what matter most!

    I’ve only been blogging now for 4.5 months, and I’m still finding my groove, but the more I write and the more I read by other bloggers, the more I am drawn to covering a wide variety of categories on one blog. Now, I still think a blog needs a focus (which I suppose for me is diy), but I have great respect for bloggers like Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo and Danielle Burkleo of Take Heart who have big successful blogs that manage to incorporate a variety of topics from projects to details about their day to blogging tips to family stories…and they do it so seamlessly. I think when bloggers can share a little of this and a little (or a lot) of that, as a reader, you start to feel like you get to know the person, not just the blog. Does that make sense? I’m still working these thoughts out myself, so it’s useful to write them out here (thanks for inviting conversation), and I’m eager to hear where you are on it all.

    With as many blogs as you have, I could see great value in focusing all of your efforts in one place. Imagine the forcefield of creative energy that would result! All the topics you mentioned above are ones I’d love to read about – – and I don’t think they’re too disparate. And even if they are, who cares? I’m mostly interested in reading what others are passionate about – – even if it’s different from me and my passions.

    Earlier today, I read this provocative article by Danielle Burkleo that sort of encourages us all to “break the rules,” if there even are “rules” about blogging. It really resonated with me, and as I read your post here, I thought of it again. Perhaps it’d be worth a visit for you:

    Anyway, I rambled a bit here, but I hope you know you’re not alone in these questions, and that I think you’re the bees knees for even asking them at all. You’ve certainly provoked a lot of questions in my own mind! (which I appreciate) and I wish you all the best as you move forward…in whatever direction you choose to go.


    1. It was nice of you to drop by and give your take on things Lauren. Thank you. Your blog has lived up to it’s name. LOL You’ve set lofty ambitions for being relatively newbie to blogging. That’s great. You’ve got to know what your aiming for to hit it. I’m grateful you’ve given your time to give me input, it’s wonderful to discuss with other bloggers the art of blogging. The article was wonderful, thank you for sharing. I’ve never really been one to worry about being “in the box” and some how I got caught up in the “box”. Its time I get back to being true to myself and charge ahead in my own way. I think many of my questions will have a way of sorting themselves out if I continue being me and not someone else. It reminds me of a T-shirt my daughter had when she was 9 or 10. “When I grow up I want to be like *Me*!”

  5. Seems like we’ve been brooding over the same problem! I also think you should continue to cover all the categories you have, keep up the variety and focus your energy on one blog. I know what you mean about having more than one blog for different topics but I don’t really think that’s necessary. Write whatever strikes your fancy because that’s what makes your blog you and what will make readers come back. Maybe there will be one or two topics that won’t resonate with your usual readers but on the other hand may bring new readers to your blog. I hope that makes sense!

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