When I was younger I wanted to be Indiana Jones.  How cool was he? I was in the third or fourth grade and I can remember the first movie. It was wonderful.  I use to pretended to be an archeologist. It was around the time my parents were building their house and they had the hole dug for the foundation and I use to get right down between the cement wall and dirt and just dig around.  I probably should have been more careful, especially considering the proximity to the grave yard in the front  yard.  We also had staging set up around two sides of the house and I would climb and swing from them. By they way they were homemade staging built with trees and 2x4s and planking, none of this fancy metal stuff like you see today.

Not too long before that I had wanted to be a teacher for the simple fact I wanted to write on the chalk board with those brand new chalks.  This was second grade I think.  I also wanted to be an architect around that time.  I would use the grass clippings to make house plans.

Between 4th grade and 9th I really had no thoughts on what I wanted to be.  In high school I decided on photographer. I even did the job shadowing with a local portrait photographer. However, that wasn’t really my favorite thing.  I rather not take photos of people. It’s absolutely not my talent. And as much as I love art I’m not really gifted in in.  Yet I persevere to be one.

What is my gift/talent that would make me in to the person I’m striving for?  Who do I want to be? Me!

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