Journals and pens


My journals/diaries. In the photo the books on top of the shelf have been started, the ones on the first shelf are blank, the few on the bottom shelf to the right are old unfinished dated books & a finished sketch book. I have a new dated book for 2013 that is my goal to finish this year. As well as a planner to help track my food & ME FIRST stuff. I also have a regular journal unfinished to continue writing in, which I’m undecided if I will continue with.

In my basement I have several old diaries/journals from high school to now. Several are partly finished. I just don’t know why I don’t finish them or why I start new ones. (Undated)  I’ll have to dig them all up and put them in one box. I would hate to lose them even though they are dull. It is apparent that I like my dated journal, even if I don’t finish them. However I have yet to find my ideal journal. It seems a combo of several for a year is the best option.

Moving on to pens/pencils. I love the mechanical Bic #2 .5mm pencils and I buy large boxes of them because I stash them every place as well as giving them to the kids for school. I’m not fond of regular pencils for some reason. I have yet to find my ideal pen which is properly weighted and writes like a dream. So for now I use a blue papermate, it’s as close to perfect as I’ve found. I’m not a fan of gel pens or those uniball ones. My pen cannot be to thick or thin when writing. I prefer blue to black ink. And if I write in color I try not to use ink that runs if water gets on it. (no gel) I’m writing to preserve moments for the future & if I can’t read it later on then I’ll be pissed.

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