All about ME

This post is based on the Daily Prompt: All About Me post.  “Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Originally my blog was going to be a transfer from another site to WordPress and I was going to use “A Fresh Start” as my blog title. Starting over in many ways in my life; moving not just my blog but myself, working on getting healthy & fit, and such other things. I ended up with “Living in Maine” because it was the next thing that described my blog’s over all theme. However when I was trying to buy it as a .com I found it was already taken. Which lead me to rethink the name going forward (if I get a .com). I’m not married to this name currently, but it does envelop a wide range of categories and such.

Basically it is all about ME (ME as in Maine and ME as in me).

Just like anything in life, my blog is always evolving and changing. I’m looking forward to the future of my blog.

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