I suffer from…. LTS

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you shared this day with those you love.  I was fortunate enough to wake up with both my children in the house. Other than them and my dear friends I do not have a typical “Valentine” because I’m what they call LTS.  What is LTS you may be wondering? I’m sure you could be creative with this acronym.  However I’ll skip to it: LTS = Long Term Single.

I didn’t intend to be LTS but life is what it is and this is the way things end up.  I live in a “rural” state where meeting “new” people is not easy. Especially for someone such as my self that isn’t willing to settle for just any smuck with a job & a car. Trust me, I’ve tried the online dating thing, meeting friends of friends, blind dates, and such. I’m not a bar/club person so that’s not really an option. And at this point I’m content in the fact that I don’t go “out” enough to meet people. For heaven’s sake I’m almost 40 and work all effen day and it just seems like a chore to do something that I don’t particularly like. (going out to a bar/club)

I wouldn’t mind dating again. Dating these days is an exclusive thing, although how can you meet true love if you don’t have choices? This doesn’t imply I want to sleep around, this is saying that getting to know someone is my goal. I’ve considered speed dating and going back to online dating, but I’m a tad nervous.

This does not mean I’ve given up hope of ever finding the right love for me. I don’t think I’m overly particular about what I want from someone.  Kindness, compassion, generosity, understanding, are a few.  They need to be able to do a load of laundry, a sink of dishes, take out the trash, can cook, balance a check book, know how to save, yet know how to have fun. Equal opportunity chores. Also, likes to try new things and be somewhat adventurous. Must love dogs… and cats. Likes kids, family visits, large gatherings and intimate affairs. Knows when to push me to be my best, yet knows that sometimes I just do not want or need to be pushed. Realizes I’m a bit odd and accepts it, because we’re each odd in our own way. My strange isn’t yours & yours isn’t mine, but we still like each other in-spite or because of it.

Please note that I have yet to mention a physical description. I don’t believe that you fall in love with someone because they’re “HOT”.  I’m certain you “feel” something but it’s not LOVE. (Having been glaringly distracted by someone’s good looks I know this feeling, tong tied, and a stammeringly stupid. I get it.) This doesn’t mean you can’t love them, but you love who they are usually more than their body.  Although being beautiful doesn’t hurt and does give bonus points.

I’m actually ok with being LTS. And I’ve come to realize that it’s a blessing at times, when I don’t have to deal with various issues others have.  However it would be nice to have someone to share my joy and misery with daily. Far more joy lately.

My gift today besides seeing my kids, was my new Galaxy S III from myself.  I’m a piratical girl, screw the chocolates and flowers and get me something useful with longevity. Thank you Tracie.

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