I did it!

Today I emailed Debbie about what I need to do to purchase my next home.  And that’s causing me a little bit of anxiety currently.  I had asked the realtor I used previously, for her suggestions this time. She suggested I contact Debbie again, so I did.  I know I have a lot of work ahead of me to rebuild my credit after my bankruptcy (ch 7) but I’m willing to do the work.  Having done it before doesn’t make me any less anxious, and now that I put it out there in the world again it’s even more real than just a hope, dream, or goal somewhere in the future.

So in the next year or two you’ll see lots of posts about me trying to rebuild my credit, applying for a mortgage again, and the process of buying my next to last home.  Having done this with someone and alone in the past I feel I have a good handle of what I can & cannot get in to with relative certainty.  Taking in account for not just the mortgage payment but also the insurance, heat, sewer/water, electricity, and such.  Something that they didn’t cover too much of in our “first time home buyer’s class” that I took in 2005.  Those little things that creep up on you that you forget about.

Since this has been on my mind I’ve been looking at the market in Augusta. I found this cute little place that’s so “Me”!  Reasonably priced for one person income. Close to my work, to cut down on fuel for the auto.  It makes me wonder why it’s still on the market. It’s an older home, but the roof looks fine, the siding looks okay, so maybe it’s something inside that might be an issue.  I know I won’t be getting this place but it’s still fun to dream.

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