Cha… Cha… Changes

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my blog and what I want it to be now and to become.  I’ve been reading lots of blogs and writing posts about blogging, which has lead me to this point.  I love the layout of my blog, for the most part.  I’m considering some changes however, such as the header and a few widgets.  I’m also considering new pages and other links.  To re-consolidate or stay with 3 blogs, is also on my mind.  I had thought about a self hosted site with a little more control over design, however I knew I’d always be ‘over-designing’ it and never get any blogging done. Hand in hand with trying to elevate my blogging to the next level, is social media links. Should they be mine or the blog’s or both? I try not to clutter up my personal Facebook friends list, so I have already added a art/photography page and an author’s page, but I don’t concentrate on them regularly. I’m on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler and also G+. It’s such a mesh-mash of profiles, I really need to get my shit together. (pardon the language.)

Besides the overall feel and look of the blog, I have some other changes coming down the pike in my life.  My youngest will be finishing her high school career in June of 2014 which will change things quite a bit.  I’m not rushing this last year and a half away, but I’m looking towards that point where I will not be in either of their lives every day. It will also free me up to move a closer to work.  We all knew this day would be coming but I’m not sure how everyone else is dealing with it. It is not my intent to leave my kids (young adults) high & dry, but it’s also not my intent to wait to do stuff that has been shelved for lack of good timing.  Such as finishing my art degree, getting another dog, traveling, buying a new home, and becoming social again. (Not that I was wicked social to begin with.) Which I will totally blog about.

I recently read a blog post from Lauren at the Thinking Closet: How to Revamp Your “About” Page  I know I’ve mentioned her blog before, and yes I’m doing it again, but she really gets me thinking about things. Not that I wasn’t before, but a little more so. She mentioned a blog/blogger I’ve been following for a quite a while now, Ashley at Lil Blue Boo. I admire both Ashley and Lauren and their blogs, along with a few others.  I’m always amazed at the gems I find in the blogosphere. I’m also often amazed to think how young they are. Makes me wonder where I would be if I had started blogging around 1993 when I had my first child. The memories that would be written for the world to see and to haunt my almost 20 year old today. {giggle}

I went to a meeting for AGA (Association of Government Accountants) we had a guest speaker from Maine Office of Tourism talking about Maine and attracting people to it to visit. Which made me REALLY put on my thinking cap about my blog.  After all I want people to come visit Maine, to enjoy all it has to offer, to spend money here and to come back.  As I say in my current “about” page, living here is different than visiting.  What I don’t say in addition to that is that even living in southern Maine is quite a bit different than living in any other part of Maine. I’d like to share that with people. Not to deter them from moving here but maybe to help them understand it better. Not all of us ski, snowboard, snowmobile, sail, hike, go ATVing, or such. Most of us don’t have second homes or summer camps on lakes. (Unless they were passed down or we worked REALLY hard for them for SEVERAL years.) Most of us do however have indoor plumbing, most of our teeth (usually) and… I’m getting carried away, deviating from my point I think.  I want people to know Maine.  (pardon my rant) So I have several ideas that will feature Maine, to not just tourists but also possibly residents, current & future.

Having gotten that off my chest, I’m at a point where I can bid you all a lovely night and hit the sack at 10 PM on a Friday night.  Just a day in the life of what my brain tosses around regularly.

2 thoughts on “Cha… Cha… Changes

  1. Thank you for this glimpse into the thoughts dancing around in your mind. There are some great ones in here…and I’m honored that you would include a shout out to me and my blog post. I’m so glad that it got you thinking…after all, “thinking” is in my blog name! Ha ha.

    But to touch on a few things you mention:

    -I can totally relate to you in your questions re: social media. I struggle with that line between my personal social media and my blog’s social media. In fact, I stopped posting blog related things on my personal FB page (people weren’t really interested) and hope to start a blog-related one soon. And I’m thinking of starting a Twitter account so I can connect more with other bloggers…but I’m not even sure it’s worth adding another “thing” to my already growing list of social media. So many question marks there!

    -Isn’t Ashley from Lil Blue Boo awesome?! Her blog was one of my main inspirations for starting mine…and I sort of love how she isn’t a niche blogger. While she posts a lot of d.i.y. projects, she also includes posts related to her family, politics, life…whatever is on her mind. And she does it so seamlessly. I know that you’re debating having 1 blog instead of 3 blogs. Ultimately, you need to follow your heart on that one, but know that Ashley is evidence that you can share ALL facets of life in one place and still grow readership and be successful. I think that when we follow blogs, we’re most interested in the blogger, not just the content. At least, that’s my thought process on it right now.

    -And I loved hearing where your heart is at on wanting to share REAL Maine with your readers. I know I for one would love to read those posts…I’m always curious to know the inside scoop and to have my stereotypes dashed to pieces. Bring ’em on!

    Thanks again for sharing my link and for your kind words. Whenever I stop by here for a visit, I always come away feeling like I’ve been with a kindred spirit.


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