I have a Love Hate relationship with my phone.  I dearly love my phone and the easy it gives me to stay connected no matter where I am.  But in the same breath I hate my phone for the exact same reason.  I hate the thought of being electronically leashed no matter where I am.  Really thinking about it, I’m GPS tagged already through my phone as long as I never shut it off.  Very conspiracy theory thoughts.

I hate talking on the phone, a residual of my year as a phone monkey at a call center that drove me deeper in to depression and anxiety.  I avoid taking calls at work, if possible. I avoid taking calls on my cell.  I use my cell more for texting than anything.  I hate to have any type of long conversation on my cell phone.  Since I don’t have a home phone, my cell is what everyone calls.  Usually the conversations with my family are to the point short.  My friend is the only one who talks for any great length of time to me.  It’s okay, it’s not a big deal, she doesn’t really have anyone to talk to up there.

My friend who lives about an hour away called me on a Friday night at 9:30PM, I was lying in bed & didn’t answer and let it go to voice mail.  I checked the message when I got up, but forgot to call her during the day like I had intended to. Then she calls me the next day, in a fit, thinking I’m puking my guts out & I’m sick. (Which I wasn’t.) She was all upset that I hadn’t called her back in 2 days, which is normal for me to do with her. (Basically anyone)

For me my weekends are times to mostly unplug from the technology. Even though my TV watching is done online or on Netflix. I like to not have to bother with the phone or the computer.  My Facebook updates are a bit more sporadic when I’m in an anti-technology mood,  as with my blog posts, twitter, tumblr, and any other feed updates.

I spend my weekends catching up on TV shows, laundry, dishes, house cleaning, and grocery shopping.  As well as visiting with my kids, which is priority over all the rest.  I love hanging out with my kids because they’re so awesome, unfortunately it seems that even when we’re together we’re still doing something techy.  My kids are also electronically leashed, but I don’t usually have a fit when I don’t hear from them.  They’re on their father’s plan and their phones are due for an upgrade so they’re very sucky right now.  Not keeping a charge, loosing reception, basically any glitch thing that could, has happened.  Usually I know exactly where they are daily.  Even though one of them isn’t a kid anymore.  They are very attached to their phones/electronics that separation from them might produce quite a fit of anxiety.  We’ve rarely completely unplugged for a weekend, maybe this summer.

Is it sad that I dream of someday going back to a home phone in my large farmhouse on my farm and not dealing with the electronic leash any more.  When I take a vacation it’ll be exactly that, a VACATION from everything/everyone.

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