To Answer Darla

Answers to questions posed by Darla at She’s a Maineiac.

  1. Why in the hell do you blog?
    A: I blog for a variety of reasons. I enjoy sharing my life with random people (strangers). I’ve kept a journal/diary since about middle school (sporadically before that). It was easier in school to ask your friends thoughts about things, we use to pass a notebook back & forth between my group of friends, for us to just write in and share it. Maybe that would have been the first real type of blogging I can recall. Multiple people reading and adding to a notebook, sharing ideas, thoughts, & feelings. (pervy high schoolers.) We’d also write stories together. I wrote some alone. I actually still have my first fully written story in a purple spiral bound notebook with an eraser mate pen. Really why not blog?
  2. How did you discover blogging? What was your initial impression?
    A: I’m dating my self here… but my first experience with “blogging” of sorts was on a BBS (bulletin board system – think of pinterest but in text format. Ick!) in the 90s when we would post to different “boards”. My favorites were usually poetry & such discussions. My ex and i would send each other little “love notes” this way. Surprisingly he’s not as techy as he once was. My first traditional blogging experience was with My Space (dating my self again). I blogged about life of a divorcee, with two kids, living with her mom again, meeting people, working on rebuilding my life, credit, & what not. Lots of issues in 2005/6 with an ex-boyfriend that got blogged about.  Switched over to Blogger around that time also. Was at blogger until about 2 years ago. My current blog is about a year old now. I’ve learned so much since I first started posting my thoughts on-line for people to read & maybe reply to.
  3. Were you shy & withdrawn as a child or gregarious?
    A: I was a little bit shy, around new people. Moving & getting picked on in 5th grade was the worst. I wasn’t a loner though. I had several friends before I moved, most of them guys.  When I moved I had fewer close friends and most were girls. I made friends with my friend’s friends basically. First friend ever was Kelly Hart who lived around the corner from me.  Once I moved my first friend was Tanya Leighton. I am thankful to the teacher for seating me near her that first day, I’d hate to think of how my friendship would be with anyone else in my class.  I went from playing with everyone to hanging out with only a select few.
  4. What does gregarious mean?
    A: Sociable, liking companionship.
  5. How close is your ‘blogging’ persona to the real you?
    A: I’m basically the same. I don’t try to be someone I’m not, it’s to hard to be myself sometimes. My favorite thing to say is “I am who I am. Not who you expect me to be.”
  6. How has your blogging changed you or your life?
    A: I cannot really say that blogging has changed my life. But I’ve made an effort to grow as a person over the years I’ve blogged and tried to find my own voice in my blogging. SIDE NOTE: I became much faster at typing by playing a MUD called Nightmare. 
  7. Do you consider your self to be a ‘writer’?
    A: I do consider myself a write. It is what I do when I share my story with you. It is what I do when I try to write novel after novel. It is who I am when I published poetry. I write, for myself, for you, for the future. Just because I am not famous or published does not make me any less of a writer. Someday I will be an author. For now you can also call me a scribe. SIDE NOTE: I’m also an artist & photographer.
  8. Do you prefer to write, then edit, edit, edit or just throw up on a page and be done with it?
    A: I use to just throw up on a page and be done with it. But that’s caused me some issues in the past and I’ve learned to write it, leave it, edit it, and publish it.  Usually with in a day or so. Now if I can use this wisdom in my novels I’d be all set & not struggling.
  9. How confident are you after you hit that dreaded ‘publish’ button?
    A: Most of the time I’m about 95% good on hitting publish. Then I read it live on my blog and make a few adjustments occasionally (punctuation, spelling, use of word).
  10. Have you ever regretted something you’ve written?
    A: Only in that it hurt a family member of mine, even though I was right. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, but this was blatantly hurtful and I knew it. 
  11. Have you ever been 100% satisfied with something you’ve written?
    A: What creator is ever 100% satisfied. Artists in any form are their own worst critic. Like a chef knows every flaw in their dish. A photographer finds fault in their photos. A writer finds something to edit in almost every page.
  12. When you write, do you have a certain audience in mind?
    A: Other bloggers, other Mainers, people who want to know what life is really like here, people from away who want to visit or move to Maine. For my other blogs I have targeted artists, fitness buffs, and letterboxing enthusiasts. I write as if you were here having coffee or a drink with me. 
  13. What will you never, ever, ever like totally ever write about and why not?
    A: I tend to not write raunchy posts, keeping it family friendly. But I haven’t said no to writing something yet. Something has come to mind, I doubt I’ll ever write about our state government, as an employee it would be a conflict of interest.  Even though I have several strong opinions about it. This does not mean that I wouldn’t like to have a guest blogger who has a lot to say on such things. (Maybe the federal level as well.)
  14. Can you write a post for me?
    A: I would. I’ve never done a guest posting on another blogger’s page. I’ve actually never had a guest blogger either. It would be fun to trade with someone. 

2 thoughts on “To Answer Darla

  1. I also was pretty shy as a kid. I was picked on a lot in elementary school because I wore glasses and was the teacher’s pet. I always had a small group of close friends though, but I was never close to being popular.

    Thanks for playing along and answering all the questions. I love the idea of making it into a separate post!

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