To be or not – self hosted

I’ve been thinking about migrating to a self hosted site (not on WordPress) and I’ve been watching closely as Lauren went through this process at She’s keeping her readers in the loop with a multi part series of posts about her experience. I’ve found them interesting and eagerly await her 4th post. Check out her first post My Blog Migration Story: Part 1

Not too long ago another blog I had followed closely had done the same thing, They also discuss the switch from a WordPress site to a self hosted site. She has quite an interesting series discussing resigning a blog to a self hosted site.  DIY Blog Design: Introduction

I have several fears with switching to a self hosted site, especially where I’m not very popular or have many followers.  My blog on it’s own has under 60 subscribed followers. I push to Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr making the “followers” a bit more.  However that doesn’t mean that people on those sites actually read my blog, or that any of my followers read it religiously. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for all of my readers where ever they come from. My fear with switching to a self hosted site is that I wouldn’t be in the WordPress reader list for my followers. I might be able to migrate my followers over, but they may need to re-subscribe. My blog would also need to go through the whole process of SEO again. I don’t think I’m ready for any of that at this point.  I know it would be best to do it early on rather than later on, but just can’t get to that point yet.

I recently added my blogs to Networked Blogs app on Facebook. My blogs are already publishing to my FB walls, some on my profile & some on my pages.  Lately I feel a little lost and undirected. Still considering my online presences and all the little nitty gritty of such things. (Websites, social media, and such.) I feel I’m not leaving this on a resolved note, but such is the way of things, evolving and changing.

2 thoughts on “To be or not – self hosted

  1. Verrrrrrry interesting post, my friend. It’s great to hear where you’re at with it all. I wrestled with the idea of switching over, as well, and I’m actually working on my fourth part of My Blog Migration Story tonight, but the bottom line is that if you’re thinking about blogging for the long haul, do the migration sooner than later. Yes, you may lose some followers and lose SEO, but not as much as if you wait. And I know you’ve been thinking about going from multiple blogs to one…this might be your opportunity to revamp your approach to blogging and focus your energies in one new place.

    One unexpected surprise: my WordPress Reader followers came with me. All of the blogs and articles I had read told me this would not be possible, but somehow it happened. Not sure if that was a fluke, but just so you know, it might be possible for you! And while I definitely have taken a hit in terms of SEO, I have faith it will build back up again. My traffic has probably dropped 30%…not as bad as I expected. What has hurt me more was a block to my Pinterest pins. I’ll get to that in Part 4.

    But do some soul-searching and feel free to ask me any questions as they may pop up. In fact my part 5 is going to be solely devoted to answering reader questions, so feel free to drop me a few in the comments section of Part 4. Or of course, you can always email me!

    Excited for you…and whatever lies ahead!

    1. Thanks Lauren. I’ve learned a lot from your experience as well as those who have also done self hosted sites. Sooner than later is absolutely better. I’m sure the answer will reveal its self to me in the right way at the right time. Thank you as always for being a wonderful resource.

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