What the…? (#2) ~ Harlem Shake = ENOUGH!

I was looking at Freshly Pressed and I’m baffled as to why or how this got chosen. “The Cleveland Indians Doing the Harlem Shake”  I am so sick of seeing the “Harlem Shake” videos. Seriously people.  Am I just too old for this crap or am I being picky? (some would say judgmental) This is a fad that can die right now.

freshlypressedWhat is a Freshly Pressed blog that surprised you? In the manner of… “What the hell are they thinking making that freshly pressed?”

I still dream of the day to see my blog on the freshly pressed page, but I can’t complain. Really.  I got over 120 views one day over an earthquake in Maine. (I was quick on the draw for that one.)


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