To my fellow bloggers

Good day fellow bloggers,
Some of you may see me creeping around on your blogs, liking posts or linking back to your blog.  I’m Tracie aka Mainer Chick, I currently am blogging at 4 of my own blogs, primarily at Living in Maine.  I’m emailing you because I read your blog consistently and find that you may shed some helpful insight on to my quandary. I was going to purchase the dot com for my blog but found out it’s already been registered, a great disappointment for me. Now it’s a matter of do I have a different dot com than my blog title or do I change my blog title to match my dot com? While I was contemplating this I watched Lauren at the Thinking Closet convert/migrate her blog to a self hosted site. Watched her struggles and successes with it. I also watched Susie at Insatiable Book Sluts go through a similar process. I’ve been wondering if now is the time for me to do the same? 
I aspire or strive (in a non-striving way) to have my blog be similar to both of theirs as well as other bloggers I follow; Corinne, Darla, Kaitlin, Stephanie, Amy, Hope, Rebecca, Julie & others.
I’m nervous regarding such a switch, it’s normal to have trepidations about change. I’m not a DYIer like Julie or Rebecca, nor am I a fitness/weight loss blogger like Corinne or Mama Laughlin, even though I still read these blogs regularly. I’m just a middle aged woman from Central Maine, raising two teens, looking for love, and yes trying to get healthy and fit. I deem my self Mother, Artist, Photographer, & Writer. I’m spiritual but not religious and feel that faith is very important to an individual. I’m a State employee, but hate the politics surrounding me. I have discovered that there is many things I want to do here in Maine and beyond; traveling is a dream/goal of mine. I want my blog to reflect my life.
This leads me to the future of my blog and the impending choices I’m contemplating currently. I’ve watched some bloggers convert/migrate to self hosted sites, some have just opted to add their own dot com, others have kept with their blogging platform’s free option. I wonder why? What is the positive and negative impact based on your choice? Has it changed your blogging style or topics? For those who have done self hosting or a .com, looking back would you do it again or not?
I’m also wondering how you came to decide on your layout of your blog? What are some factors that impacted your choice? I noticed that several blogs have similar layouts. Lauren has customized header, menu & buttons which are spiffy I think. Others have stuck to the basics which is also alright. I like my layout and that it’s neat & tidy. However others have said that it’s too dark. I’ve tried the white version of this theme and found it to stark and stressing on my eyes. (I know, I’m not the reader.)
Now that I’ve taken up your time on a beautiful Saturday, I’ll let you be.  I hope to hear back from you, my fellow bloggers, with your thoughts. Thank you all.
aka Mainer Chick

P.S. Debating on posting this email as a blog entry also.

On a side note this Sunday morning, I hadn’t even thought of a few things which was brought to light by a reply to my email.  More things to consider. Hope your Saint Patrick’s day is delightful.

2 thoughts on “To my fellow bloggers

  1. Can’t offer you any advice I’m afraid as I’m a newbie blogger, but look forward to continuing to follow what you do. Probably biased as I use the same theme as you, but I like it and also found the white version too stark!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Andrea. I’ve blogged for over 3 years and had several in those 3 years on various sites/platforms. I’m almost off the fence. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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