Just keep swimming . . . by LAA

I have always admired those that swim gracefully through the water.  Their movements seem so effortless and smooth as they glide along in a perfect rhythm.

We currently live on a stream, and my daughter is always begging me to go swimming with her.  I reluctantly put on my “floatie” and splash around erratically, pretending to have fun but secretly can’t wait for any excuse to get out of the water.

About a month ago I was working out at the gym and a friend of mine was sharing her transformation goals.  She had signed up for a triathlon in July with the proceeds going to breast cancer research. I was immediately intrigued and wanted so badly to join in her adventure, but then I remembered the swimming leg of the race – ugh!

A few days later she mentioned that a friend of hers was a survivor of breast cancer and had signed up for the triathlon as well, but is scheduled to have reconstructive surgery soon.  She would be able to bike and possibly run but doubtful she would be able to swim.  She asked if I would be interested in swimming for her friend. I felt a rush of energy and excitement at the thought of doing this and out of nowhere a “YES!” came out of my mouth.

I made a decision right then to not let the fear take over.  I wanted to do this.  I needed to do this.  I immediately signed up for adult swimming lessons.  I am slowly learning how to breathe properly and move my body in the most efficient manner.  Something finally clicked during last week’s lesson.  I felt the rhythm of my body take over and I think I was actually enjoying myself……until my left calf muscle cramped up and I had to grab for the lane marker and hold on for dear life.  The lifeguard jumped down from his perch ready to help but I gave him thumbs up and said “I’m okay”.  Until next time . . . .just keep swimming . . .

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