Assumptions vs Rights

We tend to be our own worst enemy when it comes to doing anything for ourselves.  We were asked in our last Facilitation class to choose 3 out of a list of 19 assumptions we think that are counter productive to our growth and wellbeing. Basically sabotaging ourselves. My first pick out of the 19 that I’m still struggling with is actually #1 on the list: It is selfish to put your needs before others’ needs. It is well with in my rights to put my self first sometimes. I forget this. My next choice is #13 on the list: You should always try to accommodate others. If you don’t, they won’t be there for you when you need them. I always feel committed to say yes. More so in the past than now.  Learning to say “No.” has been equally as difficult as putting myself first occasionally. I have the right to say no to people. The third one is a hard pick. There are so many others that I have struggled with or still do slightly, but not as much as #1 & #13.

I think everyone has a problem taking complements from others or being recognized for their good work.  So I don’t think #12 is high on my list even though I have a small part of me that feels awkward about it.  Mostly I suck it up and love it though. (I am a leo in that respect.)  Others that I’m looking at (the short list) are being antisocial, having a “good” reason for what I feel/do, helping people always, stay on people’s good sides, & always answer people. There are some that I feel don’t apply to me at all, I’ve already worked to over come these or never found them an issue.

What type of self sabotage thinking are you guilty of? How are you overcoming it and re-learning you have the right to your feelings & thoughts?

“People like us, who love physics, understand that the distinction between past, present, & future is merely a stubbornly persistent illusion.” ~Enstine

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