the X jumpped the Shark

I’ve been watching a lot of X Files recently and just started season 6. I’m greatly disappointed in it. It officially jumped the shark this season right off the bat episode 3. The time traveling ship from England with the German Nazis on it. It was basically the beginning of the end for the series. The following episode was just as bad. Mulder switches bodies with Morris Fletcher, really? I’m so disappointed.  The only time Fox and Dana ever have kissed or gotten frisky was when one of them wasn’t really themselves. (or it was a time warpy thing)

Another thing that bugs me is that more than half of the episodes so far in season six is that half of them are filmed in the dark. Turn some frigen lights on people. I’m on episode 9 currently and really trying to figure out if it’s worth watching the rest of the season or the series. I think we all know I will though. I’ doubt it’ll be as good as the first 5 seasons.  It will probably lack appeal when they write Mulder off the show too.  I’ll be back when I’m done with the series and update my post.


Links of Interest: (found 9/2/13)

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