Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!  My last day of a long weekend. Us state workers get this odd little holiday off, it’s nice.  I had big plans for this weekend, painting the kitchen a little was one of them, but that didn’t pan out. Maybe next weekend? The rain deterred me from it. I want to be able to open the windows and have it moderately warm. I did however get some boxes sorted out and junk tossed. My floor in the bedroom is visible again instead of piles of stuff. (which have been moved from one place to another since I moved in, a bit less than a year ago.) Items have been placed in the proper piles/boxes. Next I need to tackle the excessive mess in the basement. So I have not gotten out far this weekend.

Toby & Peanut
Toby & Peanut

My brakes on my car are grinding, like metal on metal. I ran out to get cat food which I had forgotten. I thought for sure my cats were going to hold a revolt or maybe nom on my face. Whiny little things. LOL  I love my cats. Anyways, the car is going in to the shop on Tuesday so I can have the brakes done while I’m at work.  It’s more convent. Normally I’d have Ben do them. I just didn’t want to hang around Winthrop for a day while they were being done.  Not that I don’t love my friend but it’s kind of disrupting.  I’ll have him do some of the other stuff, that I know it’ll need done.

I’m still under contemplation regarding the self hosted site or not. Especially now with so many hackers targeting a wider range of sites.  It would give me room to grow but is the risk worth it? I’m not that savvy with internet & coding jargon. I do want to grow my blog but I’m at one of those points where I feel overwhelmed. I’m actually having an easier time with my ME FIRST blog than this one.  Both are difficult for me in this “place”. Indecision, a cross roads. I want to take the leap, yet I don’t at the same time.  I’m not a crafty blogger, meaning I don’t do crafts to blog about, I am crafty. My blog wasn’t about crafts. It’s about living in Maine. My life in Maine.  The mundane.

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