3:27 – Text from my son’s girlfriend: “Can you look and see what’s going on in Boston right now? Traffic is crazy and they shut down the subway.”
3:29 – “There was an explosion at the finish line of the Boston marathon.” (to her)
3:32 – “It was on the north side of Boylston st. near the photo bridge at the end of the marathon.” (to her)
3:34 – “Where are you?” (to her)
3:38 – I called her.
3:39 – I called him twice and again at 3:43.
3:44 – I called her again.
3:45 – “One of you call me asap.” (to them both)
3:53 – “Or text me. Or Facebook me. Something.” (to them both)
4:01 – Text from my son’s step-mom. We discussed. I promise to text/call when I hear from them.
4:17 – My son calls to let me know they are ok. While waiting for him to contact me I was absolutely terrified to tears.  Then he called and I cried with relief. Seriously! I got off the phone with him and sobbed.
4:18 – “They are fine. They are walking to the hospital.” (To his step-mom) More discussion continues.
4:49 – “Be aware that there are more bombs being found. Be safe. Hug each other for me. ❤ text/fb/tweet/call after the appointment.” (to them both)

I’ve been sitting here for almost 2 hours listening to the news from CBS on WGME 13 about what’s going on in Boston.  I’m past the point of tears. I’m still worried about my son, his girlfriend, & her mom getting home safe.  I cannot wait to see him and hug him.  Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts and Maine will never be the same.

I am glad I always hug my kids long and hard when they leave me, and tell them I love them all the time. Hug your family and tell them you love them today.

Pray for Boston, each other and our country.

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