What if…

I was reading Austin’s latest post “Get a Move on Edition” where he talked about his move from CA to ME. One long road trip in my opinion, especially with cats.  He invited us to share our memorable moving experience.

Having had several experiences moving, all of them memorable in one way or another.  The one that sticks out in my mind as mostly a blur, would have to be one not of my choosing or my mothers. I was in the fourth or fifth grade and my mother had started a new job recently. She was still training with someone so they would have to drive to various places. Unfortunately she was in a car accident and was thrown out of a Jeep. She cracked her skull, broke her elbow, and screwed up her back.  She was lucky to be alive, had she been seatbelted in to the Jeep she’d have been dead. She had a feeling she needed to zip her pocketbook shut on the drive.  At the time my parents were separated or divorced and my father wasn’t permitted to see us because of child support issues, so my Mom’s boyfriend took us to my Aunt’s where we stayed the weekend.  I remember going to see ET with them, and after that my Uncle would call my brother Eliot.  We also stayed with my other Uncle, who had younger kids, which I didn’t find as comforting.

Eventually my mother was released from the hospital. She had a strip of hair shaved from her head where the stitched her back together.  She wasn’t ever quite her self after that.  It also didn’t help that her Mother was dying of lung cancer.  Grandma insisted that Mom and her boyfriend move in together. My Uncle and his family moved in to Grandma’s house and we moved in to his log cabin on Togus Lake. There were only two bedrooms, not the first time my brother and I had to share a room. Eventually we moved again, in to a little apartment in Winthrop temporarily, until they found a rental of their own. Mom got remarried.

With all the moving and shuffling around, my mother’s boyfriend and someone else had gone to the house to pack some of our stuff and move it with us.  Not all of it got moved.

That year or so of my life was quite traumatic between my parents breaking up and her accident.  I often wonder how things would have worked out if the accident hadn’t happened…

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