Future home

image.ashxI had found this garage/home several years ago and really liked it.  Over time I thought I may buy or do something else, but I still come back to this.  This plan with several modifications though.  I love the way it looks outside and feel it would fit quite nicely on a few acres in the country.

I wonder how much it’d cost for this to be built with the addition I’d like to add. Maybe in stages. Foundation, then septic, then well, then the main structure, then the addition, then the walls (drywall/reclaimed brick), then 1image.ashxpainting and finishing.  Wood shingles/clapboard or fake wood shingles/clapboard?

Surprisingly I’m okay without having a basement.  I don’t much like them anyways.  The addition I want would have awesome windows and gardens on one side, lawn on the other.  A fireplace at the end. I know I dream big, even though it really wouldn’t be too big. This is my small dream home.  What would yours be?

4 thoughts on “Future home

    1. I’ve decided that I can live without a lot for a few years to put me in a better place financially later on. I just want my laptop, camera, a few books, & sketching/art stuff. Going to work on down sizing basically everything in my life so that it can fit in to a 20×8 foot tiny house.

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