Dirty girl

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I did it! 

I woke up on Sunday morning thinking how crazy I was for doing this “mud run”.  I had gone to bed late because my daughter had a dance in South Portland on Saturday night.  I was in bed about midnight and woke up at 7 to get ready for the “run”.  I packed a change of clothes, a towel, wash cloth, sneakers, bandages to wrap my knee or wrists if needed, ductape, scissors, and other various things.  I wore a ratty pair of jeans and ended up cutting the legs off them after the race.  They were a little heavy, but not any more so than sweat pants or some of the costumes people had on.

Our first obstacles really wasn’t one, it was a color bomb. I dodged most of it by running down the middle of the road.  (When I say run I really mean a very slow jog.) We rounded the corner and went down the street in to the woods on the right.  After that it became a blur of man-made mud pits mixed with natural stream mud pits, hills, and sand dunes.  Which was my favorite? I couldn’t tell you. The run through the brook was refreshing, however then we had to run through beach sand, which sucked. Most of the obstacles weren’t too hard, but then again I walked most of the time.  The hardest one I found was the last EXTRA large mud pit that had a pile of dirt at both ends.  We climbed up one side, the highest and then down over in to a pit of gooey wet dirt which was thick.  I could hardly move & then I heard a guy shout “Swim through it, it’s easier.” I thought, “why the hell not?” and just went for it.  I ended up crawling/swimming the rest of the way across the pit & up & over the little pile of dirt at the other side.  I started freaking out in my head half way through the pit.  I thought I was going to give my self a heart attack. I couldn’t catch my breath after I got out. Then I had to wait in line for the wall climb.  This wait gave me time to catch my breath and calm down. While I was waiting, my team and coworkers came by to say hi, they had already finished.  I got to the top of the wall & a cheer came from those waiting to climb it.  It felt nice.  Then I walked/jogged to the finish line the best I could with sneakers full of sand and gravel. (I’m so picky about my feet/shoes.)  I thought I’d be more emotional about crossing the finish line, but I wasn’t.  It did push me a bit out of my comfort zone, the running, the people, I was truly terrified to do this run. I did it though.

Just a FYI from someone who has done a “mud run”, I highly suggest very snug spandex type pants/clothes to keep mud/debris out of your pants.  It is quite uncomfortable and icky to find dirt and mud in random places.  🙂  And wear sunscreen!  Duh for me, I usually am on top of that shit. I have a slight sunburn on my face.  I framed my bib. I’m very proud of myself.  I set a goal to do every obstacle and I did it.  Next year I hope to be in better shape to run it.

I have a 5K in June to do with ME FIRST on the rail trail.  Totally different running than mud.  I was going to do the Couch to 5K training with the gym trainers but I’m liking the free podcast I found better.  I just need to go shopping for some new running shoes this weekend and then I can get on top of this.  I’m not looking to run fast, but just to finish and walk less than half.  I hope by August 24th with the Color Me Rad run I’ll be a bit better at running.  Each event is spaced out enough to give me time to train and build up my stamina.

What events are you doing this year that are pushing you out of your comfort zone?  What is your biggest fear about it?

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