Self hosted vs WordPress Upgrade

As you know I’ve been contemplating the future of my blog. The name of the blog, to self host or not.  It has been weighing on my mind quite a bit and I think it is part of the reason I haven’t posted much.

I have decided on because I couldn’t think of anything else I liked and no one gave me any suggestions. It kind of explains the blog loosely, a chick from Maine.  It is all about me (a chick), Maine, and anything else that might cross my mind.

With that decision down, I moved on to one of three options… 1. Buy the domain name & tie it to my existing blog.  2. Upgrade my blog to a WordPress Premium for $99 a year. 3. Convert my blog to a self hosted site and spend quite a bit of money (I can’t afford) to do it & then maintain it.  Option two is sitting in my WordPress cart right now.  I’ve been looking in to option three, which I’ve discovered would be far to expensive and daunting of a task for me at this point in time.  I’m not a business, I just want to share my story with people.  If later on there is an opportunity to make money from this, then I will reevaluate then.

Now is the opportunitiy for me to take my blogging to the next step.  Redesign, change my categories, who knows what other changes and surprises are coming.

What would you like to read about here?

3 thoughts on “Self hosted vs WordPress Upgrade

  1. The upgraded blog and new domain looks great! Do you mind sharing what comes with the Upgrade? I’m curious! I see what looks like plug-ins on the right margin (exciting)…and I’m guessing you have more customization options with layout and theme. Everything is really looking great, and it sounds like the change has given you the burst of fresh energy you needed. So happy for you, Tracie.

  2. I should have done that in my post Lauren, thanks for asking. For the $99 a year, I get a domain name, more customizations, more space (13G), I can add video now, and it’s ad free. It doesn’t seem like it’s alot but seprately it’s can be expensive. Self-hosting was just a bit more than I wanted to spend at this point in time. Maybe down the road, who knows.

    I miss my cover photo only slightly, but I like the layout. I gravitate towards the layouts that have the short snips of stories on the home page with the read more option.

    With the widgets on the left & right areas, I figured if I’m going to go for it, just do it all the way. I added a twitter feed and my author FB page badge which are both options I didn’t have to do a lot of messing with. I also use the share feature, which anyone can do. I share to my FB author page, Twitter, & Tumblr.

    The change did give me a burst of energy and about 8 new followers in only 3 days. Now I just need to get writing. 🙂

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