Nuggets of wisdom

The Daily Prompt recently asked us to reflect on our blogging experiences and offer a gem of advice to newcomers.  As a blogger for the past decade I still don’t feel like an “expert” on blogging.  I still feel like I don’t have a niche and I may always feel like this.  I write about my life.  The ups and downs, the stress and joy of it all. (mostly)

My advice would be to not compare yourself to other bloggers who are in a different niche than you.  I aspired to be like Lil Blue Boo, Besottment, or the Thinking Closet, when in reality I’m not in their niche. They’re doing something that I enjoy reading, but don’t desire to write or do myself.  I take what I can from their blogs and experiences.

It’s easier said than done though.  I still struggle with it myself. I have found other blogs/bloggers who are writing about life, such as A Dish of Daily Life, Mama Laughlin, Baby Sideburns, Momma Be Thy name and Maine blogger She’s a Maineiac. Most are married women with young children who provide a world of fodder for blogging. I’m a single mother of two older teenagers which would probably disown me if I blogged too much about them.  They’ve got their own blogs (Tumblr & Blogger) now anyways.  Basically I know what I don’t want my blog to be, so that is a start.  I write about writing, blogging, art, journaling, photography, food occasionally, going back to school, my desire to become fit, and other random stuff that crosses my brain.  I have about 15 categories I blog under and hundreds of tags.

Another nugget of good advice, comment on other people’s blogs. It starts a dialog between you & them.  This is how I got to know Lauren from the Thinking Closet.  We blog about different things, but we are still both bloggers.  I followed her migration story closely, as I was considering it also. I finally just upgraded to a premium WordPress blog.  Read that little ditty. She has a lot of helpful links in her posts for new bloggers.

Just my two cents peeps. Welcome newcomers.

7 thoughts on “Nuggets of wisdom

  1. “I write about writing, blogging, art, journaling, photography, food occasionally, going back to school, my desire to become fit, and other random stuff that crosses my brain” I think it’s good to have a diversity of interests to blog about.

  2. Tracie, I’m loving the new look! It feels fresh and full of life…like you! And I think it’s great that you’ve come to conclusion that you can’t compare yourself to bloggers in another niche than you. In fact, I struggle with that, too. Although my overall niche is definitely craft/diy, I dabble in posts on blogging and life in general, and I’m just making it my goal to write on what I’m passionate about…regardless of “niche.” Because I believe that people follow bloggers, not blogs, and that it’s really that personal connection that draws us in. So, I’m going to keep being me, just like I hope you keep being you.

    And I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know you a bit through comments, Tracie…and I’m so glad that you found My Blog Migration Story useful. In fact, I’m going to head over to read about your upgrade next.

    1. Thanks Lauren. Sometimes we get caught up in compairing our selves to others that we forget to just be who we are. I found inspiration in not just your blog but several and you’re now a fixture in my reading list (although be it via email now). Thank you for being so helpful.

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