I’ve talked about being discouraged before.  However this week seems to be zapping me and leaving me even more discouraged and under the weather.  Quite possibly the weather may play in to this, with the gray days.  Although I think more of it is what I’ve been eating.

I’m a huge advocate for NOT eating prepared foods, fast food, soda, and boxed foods.  This week though I’ve fallen off the wagon.  I had Taco Bell one day, with a soda.  That didn’t really drag me down too much.  Then recently I had McDonalds. *Gasp*  Yeah I did.  And I paid for it.  I felt like crap the next morning.  I was bloated and puffy.  I had a headache and felt horrid.  I just need to stay away from McD’s & all fast foods. And soda.

Today I went to the ME FIRST Healthy Directions Veggie burger DIY.  Hope made the mix in a food processor, easy enough. Then added rice and chopped mushrooms to it after to add more texture.  The burger I tried didn’t have rice in it.   It was alright, I may have liked it better with rice in it.  I could taste the sweet pepper and the tomato.  I think I’ll makes some at home with various combos of veggies, beans, & grains.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m totally over the Friday morning breakfast pizza thing.  I use to look forward to it, but for two weeks now I’m not really feeling it.  It’s alright, I eat 80% of it, but it doesn’t really satisfy me.  I’m thinking of switching to a homemade frittata made in muffin tins. I get sick of the same thing every day, I need to diversify my breakfast. Yogurt and granola can only do it for so many weeks.   If you’re anything like me you get stuck in a rut with food and find it hard to break out.  (Lets tie this in with learning about the brain this month.)  Darn habits/neuro pathways.   What would be nice is a personal chef, I can dream.   So a salad for lunch since I ate most of my starch for breakfast with that slice of breakfast pizza (dough, eggs(2 or more) cheese, & sausage).  My salad is good but I got raspberry vinaigrette instead of the blue cheese dressing (trying to be better) but I’m not as fond of it.  May get back in to photographing my meals with my phone & uploading them to my old blog site in addition to tracking my food in my planner. I did better when I took pics of the food.  I think I was more conscious of it and knowing I was sharing it with people.

What has helped you with your consumption of food?

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