New seasons for some

I use to have shows on basically every network channel; ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, & FOX. I’ve narrowed it down to three now.  ABC, CBS & FOX.  I recently found out that the CW is dropping Gossip Girl & 90210 which were two of the shows I’d watch when I could get their website to stream. I had problems with streaming from them so I stopped watching, plus they wouldn’t update them regularly.  I don’t really care NBC is dropping shows.

ABC is dropping Body of Proof which I really liked. However they killed off one main character last year and then replaced two of the semi main characters. The chemistry on the show is fairly decent still but not exactly the same. They are also dropping Private Practice, which ended several weeks ago.  They tied it up somewhat nice. It had a few twists I wasn’t expecting.

CBS is dropping CSI: NY which was one of my top 10 shows to watch.  I liked it way better than Miami. But people aren’t keen on it.

Fox is dropping shows didn’t care about anyways. The only one I watched was Fring but lost track of it after a while.

Check out the full list at IMDB.

7 thoughts on “New seasons for some

  1. I barely have time for TV. Private Practice died for me after a few incidents a couple years ago like the whole crazy patient kidnapping saga and Addison slept with Sam… I never got into Gossip Girl… I do like CSI: Miami, not NY lol…My 2 shows are still on: Grey’s and Scandal so I am good 🙂

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