Funk… not the grovy kind & bed hog

I’ve been in a funk for the past week or more and don’t really know why.  I haven’t felt 100% but I haven’t felt horrible either. Up until Wednesday when I ended up sleeping all night Tuesday, then most of the day Wednesday, & all that night.  I’m feeling a bit back to “normal” now. (Friday)

Today (Monday) I’m still feeling exhausted but not quite the funk I was in the last couple of weeks.  I watched my nephew & niece for the weekend.  I love them dearly and they’re always a joy to visit with, however I’m grateful that I had my kids young.  I don’t have the energy to chase after young kids any more.

I also discovered something this weekend.  I’ve now taken to sleeping in the middle of the bed.  I had been sleeping on one side up until recently and now I’m sleeping in the middle, or rather the whole bed.  I wake up diagonally through the bed occasionally.  Part of that may be that I don’t much like my bed, I find it uncomfortable.  But I also did it at my brother’s house this past weekend.  I think this means it’s time to find someone to sleep on the other side of my bed.

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