Leap List… Huh?

What is a Leap List you may ask? Well that’s what I was wondering when I saw a ditty about it through Honda’s CRV.

I found a post about this “leap list” commercial that doesn’t particularly like the concept. Which is understandable in some view points.  But I think that’s just over thinking it.  We have raised todays kids to set goals and achieve these goals by being strivers. (Compairitvely to the not-striving people with out goals who suck off everyone. Don’t confuse them with non-strivers who are enjoying and being mindful of what they currently are doing or have. Another topic for another day.)  I think it’s good that both young men and young women set goals that they want to achieve, even if one of their markers is marriage.  I don’t think it deters from their relationship or their engagement or marriage.

My “leap list” goal is set at turning 50 (in 10 years) on Honda’s site that you can log in to via Facebook. Check my list out.  I found other posts via google of different lists. Here is one that is a “financial” leap list. Which made me think of my financial leap list; paying off my debt (student loans) is at the top of my list, the 2nd one is saving money (a lot), and third would be building my dream home on my family’s property. Normally leap lists are 10 items long, I haven’t gotten that far with my financial one. I think some on my 50 years would qualify.

Here is a leap list on Kelly Rivard’s site.

What would you put on your leap list?  What is the “big” event that you need/want to do these before?

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