Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Well it appears that I’ll be going out on this dreary weekend to maintain and hide boxes.  I already had to pull Great Falls because it was a mess. I may put something else in its place without a log book. I hope to get up the mountain to put out some balloons.  I also thought I might send some balloons on adventures since the winds can blow them in various directions.  Miles from L/A. 😉

I’ve been very neglectful with this “addiction” I tend to over do it sometimes and burn out.  But I miss it.  I need a new boxin’ buddy. The kids are busy with their stuff and don’t always have time to go because they work weekends.  I’m super excited to see more boxes have gone out in areas that were sadly neglected. Winthrop, AndroValley, Augusta to name a few.

I’m a tad discouraged to read about the issue with the PAL numbers on AQ and the huge controversy it has caused.  In my opinion if you don’t like the game master’s rules don’t play the game.  I think PAL day is kind of overly stressing and puts people in the wrong “frame of mind” when shooting for the “numbers” to go up.  If the playing field isn’t even and the rules aren’t clearly defined ahead of time then what’s the point?  Each state pick a day for their own PAL and screw everything else.  I’m not taking sides because I could give a shit, but it was worth a mention.

As for me, I just finished a carve and I’m getting ready to finish packing boxes up to go out. Some with log books (balloons) and some without.  I’m determined to not have what happend to Papa Smurf happen again.  More stealthy, harder finds, & smaller boxes are in my future.


2 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I guess I’m a little slow, didn’t know there was any controversy over PAL day. I’m with you, just plant some boxs if you feel like it have fun with it!

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