Got the blahs

For whatever reason I’m not motivated, driven, or whatever you want to call it.  I’ve been slacking on my fitness side of my ME FIRST. As I mentioned to Corda (wellness coach) Gena (nurse coach) Kristen B (fitness coach) and my doctor Kristen M, I was doing better before I got on the “program” than I am on the program.  What has changed?  First, off I moved from a 3rd floor apartment to a 1st floor apartment.  Second, I no longer have a dog & I cannot get another one until I move again.  And third, is the “pressure” I perceive from the expectations of the program, 5 to 10% of my body weight by August. (which was never told to me until a month ago.)

I recently bought some new Nike sneakers for walking/running but I’m not sure they’re the right fit for me. Although I had to throw out a pair of sneakers, I usually have three pairs, one nicer pair to wear to work, one not so nice pair for lawn work & one other pair.  These new ones might end up as my work ones, my current work ones may end up as my lawn pair. (I don’t really like them.)  So I’m thinking of going down to the Maine Running Co in Brunswick to have an evaluation done & get a new pair of running/jogging/walking sneaks.  Everyone is raving about them.  I also recently reloaded the podcast for Couch to 5K on to my iPod – don’t confuse it with the app as it’s totally different.  I get to listen to some cool techno music while he coaches me through the weeks. Kind of spiffy.  The suggestion was also made to get my bike in working order & start doing that more. Less impact on my joints.

I recently discussed my blood work with Gena the nurse and had my doctor run a full labs (except cbc) to check everything.  She said I wasn’t quite myself, when I saw her last and basically told me to take a day off and get a dog. I ended up leaving work early the next day and sleeping the whole day.  I thought for sure I’d have felt better, but not really. (that was around the 12th) Still in a little bit of funk. Something isn’t quite right.

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