DP: Might As Well Jump

Take the leap, I tell my self often. Just do it.
I stand on the edge looking out waiting for the right moment.
The fear of the unknown is greater than the fear of the mundane.
The stress drives me to the end of my rope and temptation to let go is great.
Move on, it’s time to go.
Quit your job, live the life you want.
However… How will I earn money?
I know I can fill my time.
Writing, art, gardening, other things.
That does not make one rich
or comfortable.
It makes one happy.
I strive for happy.

Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump

What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to? What would have to happen to make you comfortable taking it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us JUMP.

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