It’s hard until it’s not.

Huh? What am I talking about?

Basically learning a new habit. Training our brain to do something different from the “norm” we’re accustom to.  Corda gave me a good example of this.

What type of car do you drive, a standard or automatic?  Remember when you learned how to drive?  How hard it was to get your feet and hands and head to do everything all at once.  I’m sure for musicians it may have been easier than for those of us not inclined towards music.  If you learned to drive a standard you has an added stress with that rotten third pedal.  You also benefited to learn it early, like I did, so that even after years of driving an automatic I can still drive a standard without any problem.  I can switch back to that nero pathway with ease.

Learning something new, as we get older, is a bit harder.  You’re trying to reprogram your brain basically. It’s like taking your drive home down a different road, in a different car.  It’s hard. Your brain has your ride home from work programmed in that it’s habit. Often we forget moments of our drive, knowing we passed by a place but don’t recall doing so.  Habit.

I recently tried running. Not my favorite thing by far. I tried and tried. It was uncomfortable, painful, and not joyful for me.  It’s not that I forgot how to run, because I can.  It’s just not something that I enjoy.  I find running on a treadmill dreadful, I rather use the elliptical.  Running in a circle outside on a track is just a smidge doable yet still horrid in my eyes. The impact on my joints hurts, especially my knee.  I tried the Couch to 5K plan without success. I end up walking it.  I’m MOVING so that’s the important thing.  So I totally get the new habit not working.  I’m going to keep on moving.  How are you moving?

I’ve had better luck in creating a new eating habit. I started this a year or so ago. I chose to not eat as much stuff out of a box. Rice & a few cereals.  I chose to consume less fast foods.  I’ve craved them less.  Drinking less or hardly any soda (HFC) has also been a goal.  A harder one than I thought. I love fizzy. I love cherry Coke. I’m doing well replacing soda with flavored fizzy water.  When I go out or visit people I opt for water with lime or lemon.  What new nutrition habit do you have?

Please share your thoughts and experiences with creating new habits.

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