Social… what? Media?

A couple of bloggers who I read on a regular basis have just added themselves to the world of Facebook and or Twitter.  Welcome my friends to another time suck. (If you let it be.) I’m talking to FOG & Austin at tRotMP.

Anywho… I figured I’d give some little insight in to some social media I use and how it works with my blog(s).  Trying to explain this with out visuals was going to be tough, so I created a little flow chart from my blogs to the social networking sites I use and what pushes to what (or where).social media flow

My three primary blogs (Art & Photography, Fitness, & push to Twitter.
My primary blog pushes to my Facebook Page: TracieEastmanAuthor and my primary tumblr account themainerchick.
My art & photography blog pushes to my Artist page on Facebook and my primary tumblr account; themainerchick.
My fitness blog pushes to another tumblr page; gettingfitwithmainerchick.

I also use Google+, Pinterest and Instagram but I don’t push anything to these sites.

Now let’s look at Facebook for a minute. I have two PAGES on Facebook that I listed above, plus I admin for another person’s business page.  A page is basically one of the following: business, organization, company, institution, brand, product, artist, band, public figure, entertainment, cause, or community.

I have a personal profile also, but I keep that private for people I really know in person usually. It isn’t open to the public and it isn’t searchable.  I’ve gone through my settings and basically locked the mother down.  Surprisingly none of my other social media or blogs push to my personal page. Why? I don’t know why, I just don’t. I share a lot of things from my “pages” on my personal profile.

How much time do I spend on Twitter? Maybe 30 minutes a week if that. How much time do I spend on my Tumblr? Unless I’m bored beyond belief I’m on it less than 30 minutes a week, or sometimes I forget I have one (two).  Pinterest use to be a huge time suck for me… now I kind of ignore it, but keep the pins just in case. It’s a good way to organize things for me.  Facebook and my blog are my primary social media and I’m on each several times a day.

What is your social media of choice other than blogging?

6 thoughts on “Social… what? Media?

  1. I’m still learning how to use Facebook and Pinterest. I do not have a Twitter account and not sure if my flip up phone would work for that. Im due for anupgrade, perhaps then. Thanks for an informative post. HAve a great weekend.

    1. Most smart phones with a data plan or wifi can do social media. I love my phone for several reasons. Yet some days I love to unplug & forget it. I learn to use basically any thing my kids will be using. (They are teens now)

      You have a great weekend too.

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