FoMS (aka FOMO)

Fear of Missing Something (aka FOMO – fear of missing out, today’s term) is a condition that as children we had.  Never wanting to go down for naps thinking we might miss something. When in reality life is basically the same when we’re asleep as it is when we’re awake and our parents are doing the same thing as always. Nothing new, nothing exciting.  However today with all our technology and instant notifications we’re always in the loop. I’m sure there is many people who sleep with their phone next to their bed like I do.  Except maybe my reason is it’s the alarm clock as well as everything else, but I shut my notifications off at night because the vib or the light disrupts my sleep.  It sleeps face down & plugged in. There are some weekends that I don’t even turn my computer on. I tend to semi-unplug on weekends. I watch movies with the kids, or we go out, or we putter around the house, or read. It’s nice not to be connected all the time.

I read various articles about this. Here’s a few:

My favorite so far is:

The best thing I found so far was this video. Too funny.

You may chuckle at this post considering my last post about social media, but just because I know how to use something doesn’t mean I’m on it all the time. I actually don’t fear missing out. I know life goes on while I’m not there and I could give a shit less. Enjoy and have fun without me. I’ll be doing the same without you.

To what extend do you have FOMO?

14 thoughts on “FoMS (aka FOMO)

  1. I go on to social media when I want to, check out what I like, and log off when I’m tired. there’s no rhyme or rhythm to it, and I can survive without being online for months.

  2. I turn my phone off around 6.30 or later when I get home, but the ipad is so handy. It sits on kitchen bench and if I can’t sleep I’ll read for a bit, not always social media, often its blogs or articles.

  3. A new term for me lol. I do believe that technology with it’s advances has many people literally shackled in chains. Before mobile phones, laptops, etc. you left the office and you were “unplugged.” Not today. Extending beyond work, today you can’t even have a conversation with someone, without being interrupted by them getting a mobile phone call or text. How annoying. I do know how to unplug and I am grateful I do. Manners have fallen to the side and common sense as well (why are you telling everyone your business). Interesting accounts of robberies that have taken place because someone posted about going out. Wonder what is coming next 🙂

  4. Awesome post! I laughing so hard at the video that I have tears! My voice mail message states that I will return all calls in 24 business hours. This strategy allows me to put all my communication tools aside over the weekends and evening without feeling like I’m missing something! I’m totally going to borrow your acronym.

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