A little wet?

I’m thinking that there was a freaky switcharoo that happened at some point that transposed Maine with Seattle.  Maybe it was the last earthquake out of Sidney that made the magic jump happen.

I love the rain, usually.  Except when I’m tenting… and NOW! It’s been going on long enough. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!  (Can you hear me shouting this at the sky? Shaking my fists.)

park in rain

Usually I love the rain. I find it very inspiring. I would like nothing more than to sit and write.  However work interrupts such things. Plus lately I’ve blanked at any sort of writing.  I’m having a hard time finding all of my stories and putting them in one place.  Camp NaNoWriMo started yesterday and I was unofficially going to try it but I’m stuck.

Anyways back to the rain…  Driving home the other day it was down pouring so bad I should have pulled over and waited to finish driving home.  There was a lot of standing water on the road, which was dangerous.

I’m done. Had enough. It’s like the snow in the winter, every year I’m all set with just a tiny bit, yet we get bombed with it.  I love the changing of seasons here in Maine, which is why I stay, but I’m a bit burnt out on snow… and now the rain.  I would not do well living in Seattle.

It’s like too much of a good thing, ya know?

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