The L Word


The one word to describe the series ending.

I’d actually use fucking lame but… that started with F not L.

What is with writers who have no clue how to end something when they start it.  You would think that if you are writing for a show, each season needs an end.  Plan ahead folks.  Don’t half ass it in the middle of a season like The L Word did, as well as Medium.  Although I suppose it was already too late for both of them where as they both Jumped the Shark at least a season before they were so quick to be dropped. Most of the other seasons have about thirteen episodes, however the last season only has eight.


The L Word is a lesbian drama series that follows a young naive midwest girl through her move to WeHo (West Hollywood) and in the to the world of lesbian love affaires. She’s a writer who uses her experiences to create her work.  Unfortunately for her new close-knit group of friends.  Eventually a movie is made about her book, which is basically the first season or so of the series.  She’s a little strange to begin with, be it maybe from the sexual abuse as a pre-teen/teen or from just being already a tad predetermined genetically, you’ll meet mom living in denial.  She eventually completely cracks up, gets sent home to recoup and have therapy, then returns to WeHo with a girl who wants to be a guy, who likes girls.  As her life moves on, she becomes more and more crazy. (I wanted to use the term RAGING DIKE but that seemed a bit harsh and too hateful.) She hurts almost all of her “friends” who now dislikes her. She alienates her self from them by constantly contradicting them, outing them to each other, and lying (although she thinks it is the truth).


I seriously think she killed her self in the pool and was not killed by one of her friends.  I think that it was the perfect time and a good excuse to get back at every one of them and she chose that night on purpose to do it.

Maybe I wanted to see what happens to her neighbors, or the other friends. Maybe she wasn’t why I was tuning in to the show.

Overall I loved the series. I loved to hate this girl and loved to hate each character one at a time.  Gossip Girl meets gay True Blood. Drama. It entertained just as it was intended to.

Check out The L Word on IMDB for the listing of stars & guest stars.

My review doesn’t discuss individual performances or highlights anyone. I discuss a general overview of the plot or direction of the series.  Basically because I’m pissed at the writers for writing a shitty ending in the middle of the stupid season.

What shows have you watched where the writers have completely pissed you off?

*Next review will be Gossip Girl.

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