Learning from doing

I recently started doing updates for Free ME from Lung Cancer‘s webpage.

The task to create this page was daunting and I had to step away and let someone else do it, unfortunately I was asked to step in again to do updates to the existing site.  Which by the way I love.  It’s wordpress.org hosted by Bluehost. The president/founder emails me what she needs done and I basically do it.  I’ve actually learned a lot from doing this.  Each time I have a little sticky issue, but I work through it.  It is actually a more complex page than I was ready to take on, however I figured I basically know what I’m doing enough NOT to screw it up.  Check it out some time, it has multiple plug-ins, multiple pages, multiple galleries, and so many little things.  I recently got to add an event to the event plugin and it wasn’t too hard (I copied an old one & edited it). I know I’m such a cheat.  I had to redo all the changes I did the other day because they migrated the account from one type to another based on non-profit.  It’s ok, since I basically had saved all of the items I put up in a file on my pc first before sending them to the site.  The interface is quite a bit like wordpress.com and I dig wordpress because it’s so easy once you know it.  The plugins and added little things are sometimes the pain.  Over all I’m enjoying my experience.  I’m grateful to Deb for asking me to do this.

I think I’m going to work on that CSS class I wanted to take online.

It made me think a great deal about my site and what I want it to do and what I could be doing with it.  I actually did a search for Maine Blogs and found several bloggers here in Maine.  I know I shouldn’t compare myself, but recently I’ve been struggling with ideas and writing style and such. This is usually when I jump ship and go to another blog, but I’m not in this case.  (Although I really wish I had gotten livinginmaine.com as my url.) I’ll figure it out.  It’s like I need a blog facelift. LOL

I’m welcome to suggestions regarding blogging things.

Ami want’s to update her page so she can have the exact font she wants to match her sign. I’d have to see a test of it done first before I would be comfortable pusing it live. I’m just having a hard time finding the font.

Thanks for popping by.


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