I don’t like you…


Because you have blue eyes. Blue eyed people are icky, untrustworthy and not nice. They’re lazy, unkempt, and smell. They’re of no value to the world or society. They should all just die so I don’t have to pay for them any more.

Quite the Generalization isn’t it?

I don’t like ____________ because they are ____________________ (fill in the blanks).

Hate and dislike are easy to influence others. Parental bias, teachers, peers, and media play a large roll in perpetuating hate/dislike towards one another.

Have you ever heard of Jane Elliott’s Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes experiment? If not take a peek. There’s many videos on YouTube of clips or discussions about it.  Look it up. Expand your mind. Watch the full program on PBS Frontline.  I have written about this before about a year or so ago when I was in my sociology class.

Why am I bringing this up again?

Because it seems to me that people insist on judging others, trying to impose their morals and values on to others, stifle true education, speech, & art, and raise themselves to be a higher class citizen than most.  It doesn’t matter your religion or lack of, your race or ethnic background, your body shape or color, your gender, your sexual preference, your fetishes, your shoe size, or hair color.  You’re made of the same things I’m made of, give or take. In the end an invisible diety will either send you to hell, heaven, purgatory, or reincarnate you…. and then where will you be…? You’ll be free of your mortal judgmental prejudice, and possibly a caterpillar. And when you’re squished or in the tummy of a hungry bird you’ll not be worried about if it’s a white bird or straight bird or if it had purple feathers. Why are you so worried about such things now, in this life?

Daily I’m mindful of not making a judgment on myself or others.  Try to let it go.  I’m not trying to sound all “hippy” on you but the 7 Attitudinal Foundations of Mindfulness is something worth checking out.  (from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living)

1) Non-judging (strange how it’s the FIRST one)
2) Patience (it’s a virtue)
3) Beginner’s mind (when did you learn EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING?)
4) Trust (Trust in yourself & others)
5) Non-striving (don’t confuse it with NOT striving or striving)
6) Acceptance (accept you’re an ass – but don’t give up your desire to not be
7) Letting go (LET F’N GO OF SHIT)

Say What?

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