Categories vs Tags

I want to discuss with you a very important topic that has been weighing on my mind a lot lately.  Categories vs Tags.

Working in the (and probably constraints… How do you choose your categories? How many is too many? (not rhetorical)

I know on Blogger you basically only get tags. Where as on WordPress you have categories and tags.  I use categories as if they were file folders.  Everything about “writing” goes in that file folder.  However tags are a loose concept, where they help bring traffic to your post.  If my post was about writing a novel in november and I posted it in “writing” I’d tag it with “nanowrimo”, “writing”, “novel”, & any other descriptors of what my novel was about or what my post discusses.

I currently have nineteen (19) categories and I’m feeling that’s too many categories.  I think I’ve had this discussion before in another post.  I tried to downsize them, but ended up with more.  I have 584 tags (30 pages) and I’m wondering if that’s too much or if I shouldn’t concern myself with the number of tags I have.  I’m thinking I might be able to merge some more and eliminate others due to the two other blogs I’m keeping; one about Art & the other about Fitness.  I don’t know. I’m torn. Obviously, since I’m blogging about it.

Have you developed a schedule for your blogging?  Spacific types of posts on spacific days? Please share with me your way.  Currently mine is a free-for-all.

6 thoughts on “Categories vs Tags

  1. I blog every day. Try to categorize everything under Humor, Funny, and Philosophy and then add a category if it’s relevant like Fitness when I write a running post or Love when I talk about The Girl. As far as tags, I put Modern Philosopher, humor, and satire on everyone and then take key words from the article and add those. Does that help at all???

  2. I read on that I could somehow use Categories to create pages with automatically sorted content. Since then I have been reconsidering my Categories and SubCategories, but am a little like you in that I am trying to simplify my labeling system. I tag with whatever relates to the post, as many as I think apply to it.

    1. That’s what I was thinking too. How to get to that point is the key question I think. Let me know if you have any luck. 🙂 I learn from others & hope others learn from me.

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