Fitness – Color Me Rad

In one month I am doing the Color Me Rad 5K in Brunswick. I need to be in better fitness to do this, even if I walk it.  I meet with Kristen today and hope to talk to her about setting a schedule with her for the next month to help me get in a routine.

I’m far less flexible than I use to be, even though I’m still flexible.  I want to work on that as well as building my core.  I’m tired of being tired all the time.  I want my energy back. I’m not this person. There’s a better me inside that’s struggling to shine through.

Fitness is my hardest struggle in the program.  I’m want to like the gym. I want to like jogging, I want to like working out.  I want to be fitter and thinner and to have more energy.  I want it, I will achieve it.  Focus. Must stay focused.


My meeting with Kristen went well, she’s always so easy to talk to.  Unfortunately my numbers (measurements/bmi) has gone up in the past few weeks.  In September she’s going to start some classes, early morning & afternoon teaching the same thing, beginner, intermediate, & advanced.

She suggested that I run/walk/jog some intervals for the next month to get in training for my 5K.  (I recently found out that my ex-husband & his wife are doing it.) I guess I need to get the couch to 5k plan out/on to my ipod and get busy.

My goal is to for the next week do the C25k twice a week.  Then the week after do it three times. Then the next week do it four times. The week of the race I’ll do it 2 or 3 times before the race on the 24th.  I’m making a calendar/schedule for it.


Best laid plans… and all that jazz. So other than walking I did shit.  I’m lazy. Things just haven’t clicked yet. Forcing myself in to situations where I should be fitter doesn’t help either. Waiting for the epiphany to hit with the fitness side.  Hopefully the classes will kick my ass in to gear starting in September.

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