Camping – Beaver Brook, Monmouth

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So… it never fails to rain whenever I take time off to go camping.  Mind you I’m not fond of camping.  Tenting in the rain is the worst.  However this year my Dad & Mom L let me borrow their pop-up camper for the weekend.  (Under the understanding that I basically sign my life away if any damage happens to it. Not that it would.) I picked it up in the rain and I set it up in the rain.  Fun fun!

Other than Friday’s rain, the camping was fun.  A lazy weekend.  Although I found it very hard to relax completely.  My worry about the camper, about my son not being able to come, about the trip home with the camper, and various other little things….

Like the sunk.  There was a sunk in the middle of the dirt road that leads around the campground, around 6ish Friday night.  A large fat skunk.  Anyways it made its rounds through the campground and ended up at my friend’s site.  Her dog was hitched out to a tree on a short leash and the skunk came after the dog.  Poor dog couldn’t do anything, my friend couldn’t do anything.  She ended up taking her dog home, which is close by, so her brother could watch it.  She reported the attack to the campground’s manager/owner.  The next morning she found out the skunk also attacked two other dogs at the water’s edge that morning.  They called IF&W and a warden came out along with an animal control officer who ended up shooting the skunk to get it tested for rabies. It took them a while to get it too.  The camp staff & the animal control officer were chasing it through various campsites. Hopefully my friend will find out today the results of the testing.  Her dog has had her rabies shot & also got a booster shot when they went to the weekend clinic in Lewiston.

That was the most excitement all weekend.

Beaver Brook is a cute little campground. It has a brook running through it which use to have an old mill on it. The stone walls and the concrete dam are all that remain of the mill. Nature has reclaimed the area even with all of the people who frequent the campground.

They also have a nice moderate disc golf course.  There’s some steep inclines but nothing too bad.  I learned to play disc golf on their course.  I didn’t play this weekend though. I forgot my disc at home.  It’s about $5 to play.  I think if I were there longer I’d have played.

They have a pool (with adult swim at 8PM) that has a “water slide” for the kids (under 200 lb) which all the teens enjoy.  The pool is a unique shape and has a little area to sit with jets.  They also have a beach area with a dock.  So there’s both options for swimming. The pool can get a bit crowded.  They also have various water crafts for rent, or you can bring your own.  Docking costs & needs reservations for your boat in advance.  Androscoggin Lake is beautiful, but I have yet to get out on it to enjoy it to the fullest.

I’d recommend a visit to Beaver Brook for a weekend (3 nights) to be able to fully utilize their facilities and features.  I found that two nights is not nearly enough time.

More pictures to follow.  (they’re on my phone & I need to pull them on to my pc – quicker upload than on the network (less data usage too))

5 thoughts on “Camping – Beaver Brook, Monmouth

    1. It is, usually. The skunk caused quite the ruckus. Although they have themed weekends/weeks and they do Halloween twice, a country music weekend, & such things. Maybe you need a vacation to get you back on track.

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