Color Me Rad 5K

I signed up for a 5K a few months ago called Color Me Rad to benefit the Boothbay Y. Good cause, right? Yeah.

I was hesitant as the time neared. I had wanted to be able to jog the entire thing (3 miles) but…. no, that didn’t pan out.  I’m not much of runner/jogger. I jogged at the beginning and at the end but that’s about it.   I’m on a video that filmed all of the runners out of the starting area. You can see it below. I’m at 1:59 jogging by with my zebra striped handkerchief around my neck & a tutu on.  The photos from the “pros” are at Flo-Foto.

It was my first color run and I’m very glad that I’ve done it.  Just to say I have done it.  I’m considering doing one next year if they return to Maine, but we’ll see.  So… how did it go?  Well I was off to a good start, after my group went ahead & I got stuck back in the 2nd group… Made it through the first color checkpoint, pink. Rounding the corner I rolled my ankle on the road where there was a dent (so no I didn’t fall in a ditch this time) and almost went down.  I caught my self, hands on the pavement, managed not to twist my ankle or knee too bad, but slowed my walking down for the next mile (two more checkpoints).  I walked it off. 🙂  It took me under an hour to complete the 5K. (Found out it was more than a 5k – it was actually 3.6 miles.) I’m not exactly sure what my time was, because I didn’t start with my group & I fell.  We all posed for pictures before & after. I missed some of my team because I was late & couldn’t find them before they took off.  My daughter came and took pictures with her friend. Thank you girls for hanging out while I walked three miles.

Driving on to base/tarmac was easier than leaving.  They had volunteers to show you where to park & such.  But leaving they didn’t have anyone directing traffic and so it was basically a cluster mess of people being rude to others.  I’m an introvert so dealing with people drains me. I had had about as much as I could take an hour sitting in traffic.  It actually took us and hour and a half to get off the base.  I’m thinking a 2nd entrance/exit to the base (now new business park/airport) should be created.  If I do this again next year (or in the future) I’m absolutely going to plan a day of it. Not park on the tarmac. As well as bringing a picnic lunch & a blanket to take a nap on.  There were rumors that there were over 7 thousand (7,000) people there that day to run. That’s a LOT of people.  When I got back from my loop, there were still people coming in to run.  CRAZY!


I need a little bit of intensive to get my self to do things, so I bought myself a cute little bracelet. The Alex & Ani swan, the card reads as follows; SWAN: Grace|Partnership | Love  A majestic creature that embodies grace and beauty, a swan is a powerful symbol of love. Swans epitomize affectionate connection, as they typically create lasting bonds and mate for life.  Embrace the devoted energy of this migratory being with the Swan Charm as encouragement to glide through life with an open heart.  I picked the swan because I know I’m so much more  than what you see.  I am devoting myself to changing the outside to mach how I feel inside and how I want to feel… beautiful, glorious, healthy, and fit.  As well as gliding through life with an open heart.  This doesn’t replace my Phoenix charm but adds to it to remind me to rise above and become a better me completely.  By the way I start fitness classes on the 9th with my trainer.  Not really excited, but I’m committed.  😀 She just may be the little thing I need to get me started. It’s the getting started that is the hard part, keeping it going is easier until you fall off the wagon again.

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