MIA & Shut your mouth

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a week or so… Trip to Vermont from EARLY Friday to mid day Monday last week.

I can on occasion slip in to that typical mindset of being judgmental and snarky in a mean way.  This weekend I found myself saying such things.  As a guest in a community, that I do not know & I have a limited glimpse in to, I need to not open my mouth.  After one particular statement I made I realized what I was doing and felt horrible about it. (They weren’t really bad comments & nothing personal, more of an over generalization.) No one really heard these comments except my daughter and maybe a couple of people close enough to us, but none the less…. I’m sorry my Vermont friends, for dissing on your community, neighbors, & friends.  Yet still, being lost in the woods of Vermont currently sounds much better than being at work.

With that being off my shoulders now i can move on with the trip, read Mainer in Vermont. 🙂

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