Mainer in Vermont

My trip to Vermont.

So my friends from Vermont who lived up here for a few short years (which is how I met them) have been asking me to come down for a visit.  I had picked a couple of dates out, but the first one didn’t work.  So last weekend we took off to Vermont, my daughter & I.

map to VT

Day 1: We got up at 4:30 and planned on leaving straight away, but we didn’t get under way until 6 AM. We decided not to take the Turnpike but to take US route 202 through Maine, in to NH, and then route 9 through part of NH in to VT. However I took a wrong turn and followed 202 in to Mass instead.  We had to back track a little bit and took 119 in to Brattleboro.  Added about an hour to our drive unfortunately. We got in to Wardsboro about lunchtime and met T & D and their daughter at the store down the road from their place. Which was within walking distance. We hung out there for a bit. The girls caught up on things. I went with Tammy to try to help with stuff as much as I could. She’d already done quite a bit. She made a TON of broccoli salad and potato salad, more than was needed. However it was VERY good.

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Day 2: We got up fairly early, had breakfast & hung around while everyone was busy getting ready for the wedding. The wedding was wonderful, the bride beautiful, the tent huge, the food good.  A family was solidified on that day.  I helped with a few things, putting the food out, chasing the guests away until the “meal” was ready. Bride & Groom go first.  Chairs for the tables missing chairs, like the head table.  I ended up leaving at 8 PM because both K & I were exhausted. T & D were at the wedding until 12 midnight or later.  (it stared at 2 PM.) It is probably why E slept so late the next morning.

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Day 3: We got up late. I hung around the house while T & D went to help clean up. When they got back we took a drive for ice cream (an hour). We drove over to see the cairns in the stream and around to see the lack of roads due to Irene. We went to Stratton Mountain where D works & to the store where T works.

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Day 4: D & T had to work early in the morning, we slept in until 8 then packed the car.  We headed out, hopefully taking a less long route. Made a wrong turn again & went out through Brattleboro the way I came in (which wasn’t correct). I was on the right path & then turned around. Duh!  Then in Keen we went the wrong way again, but this time stopped really soon & found the bridge in the pictures above.  After that we were fine.  We got back in to Maine and stopped at So Po at the Mall for lunch.  Chinese food was a bad choice.  K got some nose rings & I got a new Alex & Ani bracelet as an intensive for the 5K I was doing on the following weekend. Read Color Me Rad 5K on my other blog.

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