Twin Peaks

I recently watched (re-watched) Twin Peaks on Netflix.  I loved the show when it came out and still love the show today.  Mark Frost and David Lynch were magical in providing something to us that was different. They created, wrote, & produced the 30 episode series lasting two seasons. As many people have asked… “Well, what happened?” Pulling David Lynch back on to “finish” the series as he feels it should be would be great.  Not having Lynch on any type of remake or continuation to it would be a huge laps in judgment on the part of any network who picks up the project.

Twin Peaks was a turning point in television,  many say so & I agree.  We hadn’t seen anything like this before on TV.  It came out in April of 1990. Other shows to premiere that year Northern Exposure, Law & Order, Beverly Hills 90210, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, & In Living Color to name a few.  What else were we watching already? Several sitcoms; Friends, Full House, Saved by the Bell, Family Matters, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Growing Pains, Golden Girls, Rosanne, Married with Children, & Cheers. Predictable boring shows with no pizzazz.  We were also watching Unsolved Mysteries & Cops, the first shot at reality TV and it went down hill from there, that’s another story. What we were given with Twin Peaks was very much different than the same old thing.  It had people talking about it for days, even in High School. (I was a Freshman.) I wasn’t going to talk about Dallas, which was an old people’s show. *yawn* Twin Peaks was much more interesting to watch.

Twin Peaks influenced other shows; The Killing, Lost, The X-Files and the new Wayward Pines by M. Night Shyamalan & Chad Hodge. Probably more, but that is what comes to mind right now.  Also influencing video games such as Deadly Premonition (aka Rainy Woods) by Japanese video game designer Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro.  I’m not much for video games but I’d love to give that one a go.

“Who killed Laura Palmer?”

From the get go we find Laura dead, no story leading up to it, we must find out as we go like Agent Cooper. However Lynch does make a prequel movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me that goes through the last 7 days of Laura Palmer’s life. (That’ll be another review.)  What we find is a slow moving, quirky, twisting story with so many character linkages that it took me a whole sheet of paper to make the web. We find Laura is linked to several people.  In an interview I saw on Donahue there was 35 characters that were active in the series. Somewhere I read or heard it was the Peyton Place for the 90s. I never read or saw Peyton Place but I’d like to check it out. I could only dream of writing something so epic and twisted.  There’s secret affairs and not so secret affairs, drugs, sex, and haunting music.  The first glimpse at any type of S&M lifestyle YEARS before 50 Shades of Gray.  Laura’s secret diary and tapes to Jacobe hints towards her liking to be dominated.

twin peaks character web
twin peaks character web

I was recently watching The Killing and found it very similar to Twin Peaks that it sparked me to finally finish my review of Twin Peaks and the influences it had on TV.  I only made it to episode 5 of The Killing because it dragged by so SLOWLY and didn’t have any quirky humor or likable characters to hold my interest. I may get to finishing it, someday.

I was hoping to find Fire Walk with Me on Netflix too but no luck. I may just have to buy the movie. I might as well buy the movie and the series all at once.  There’s no conclusion as to when the show/series/story Jumped the Shark but it could have been season 2 or the movie. I reserve the right to continue to mull this one over.


35 Years of David Lynch: Deadly Premonition (2010)

Kill Screen: How Twin Peaks finds new life in the world of Deadly Premonition

The Week: Twin Peaks: The definitive plan to continue the series

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