Setting a goal

I need to set a new goal.  I accomplished both of the “runs” that I did, except I walked them.  I want a more substantial goal to set.  I was thinking that since I have a group fitness class with my trainer coming up next week for several weeks after, I might base it around that.  Consistency on showing up & participating, effort, and progress results in improved fitness, both scale & non-scale victories.

I’m currently backsliding with my weight and fitness.  I’m thinking it’s stress.  Which is discouraging but I refuse to let it get me down. 🙂

My friend asked me to do the Zombie run/walk/whatever (5k) in Auburn in October.  I’d actually have to run/jog it to make it worthy of an intensive bracelet I told her. I may do it anyways, I’m indecisive at this point. The ones close to home are good.  I hate having to drive all over the place for these things.

Edit: After realizing that I never actually set a goal in this post I figured I should do that now.  Goal: Consistently attend class for three months. 

However I have picked out my next achievement’s incentive. ($38)

Crimson Luminary Beaded Bangle

Growth • Potential • Balance

With dual meanings, a luminary is a heavenly body or a person of prominence and brilliant achievement. The stars of the night sky are luminaries that shine and guide the paths of those on earth, just as their human counterparts guide and enlighten those around them.

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