What goes up, must come down…

Today I had planned on hiking up to the fire tower on the top of Pisgah, as we townies like to call it.  My friend at work had suggested it and I figured why not, it’d get me out & moving.  So I met Gerry at 10AM to hike up.  I haven’t been up this hill in YEARS so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The road was redone and fairly new, it’s nice.  There’s two trails up the mountain, one on each side of the road. We took the trail on the left called Tower Trail.  The incline was gradual, which was good, but it was still hard on my knee.

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We finally made it to the top and the view was awesome as it always has been.  They had replaced the tower at some point, as I recall it being a little larger at the top than the new one.  Since they haven’t uses the tower for fire patrols since I was in high school it was a good thing they replaced it for an “observation” tower.  There’s now a cell/radio tower on the top of the mountain as well.  It only mildly detracts from the “view”.  Unfortunately it was a cloudy rainy day and the view wasn’t as spectacular as it could have been.  In the past I have seen Mt. Washington as well as other mountains/hills far off.  Climbing up the tower, wasn’t hard. Coming down out of the tower was way harder.  I was very VERY careful, you may not know that I’m a klutz – now you do, so I’m extra careful in places there are obviously more hazardous.  Plus it was wet and I didn’t want to slip on the wood stairs or metal railing.  Coming down from the top we took the access road, which I thought was a LOT steeper than the trail going up.  I almost would rather not use the road at all.

It got me motivated to want to climb/hike something else.  I think writing about my experiences helps with that.  Did I really do it if there’s no pictures? LOL  Next maybe Mt. Apatite in Auburn.

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