Sore… a new feeling

I’ve been sore before, usually from one of my klutzy moments. A stubbed toe, shin, elbow, a few broken bones, a couple of surgeries, and such.  However yesterday and today give new meaning to being SORE.

On Monday I met with my fitness specialist.  We did push ups, planking, chair position, squats, & more squats with medicine balls.  We did stretching before & after.  I haven’t hurt this much since the week that I did Yoga, Metamorphosis, & aqua Zumba classes in three days.  OUCH!!

It’s now Wednesday and I’m still sore and still finding new places I’m sore.  But it’s good.  I worked mussels that haven’t been worked in a LONG time.  I feel it in my upper thighs, my upper arms, my chest, my back, & my tummy.

I cannot wait for next week’s class.

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